Website Design & Development

Website Design & Development is now essential to you as a business person. For your business to generate more business, your voice needs to be heard, your brand needs to be seen, and your goals need to be reached. Website development is the key to making those things happen. The same way an eye is a window to the soul, a website is a window to the business, giving customers a taste of what you have to offer and enticing them to delve deeper for more

Therefore, your website design should be handled in the best possible way, because a professional presentation speaks volumes as a testimony to your business.

  • Communicate with your visitors effectively.

    Interacting with your audience is vital when it comes to generating more business. It is viable to make a website that enables you to get in touch with your customers and prospects.

  • Improve your connectivity.

    A responsive website design will attract more visitors to your business as it is accessible to an extensive range of users spanning several devices, such as tablets or smartphones.

  • Prove your reliability.

    A website offers a straightforward method of showing the credibility of a business, and the way a person represents his business online is vital for attracting more customers or visitors

Our Skills

We’re Pretty Awesome!

HTML 100%
CSS 96%
JavaScript 90%
Bootstrap 95%
Laravel 97%
Jquery 90%
Angukar Js 90%
CodeIgniter 97%
Shopify 90%
PHP 95%
WordPress/CMS 90%
Photoshop 65%

Languanges & Technologies

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take?

    This is completely dependent on your website needs and its complexity.

  • We’re just as keen to work with small businesses and individuals as we are large companies. We like to work with all sorts and sizes of businesses.

  • Yes we do! we can certainly do an upgrades, bug fixes, new featurs and eve a whole new redesigh if need be.

  • It most certainly will! Every website we create is mobile responsive as more people are accessing the web via small screens than ever, and the trend is likely to carry on. If your site doesn’t display or work properly on a mobile or tablet screen, you risk losing a big chunk of your potential audience.

  • Definitely! We have all the SEO tools and know-how to maximise your chances and some happy customers to vouch for us.

  • This completely depends on what you need, but you can rest assured we deliver the best possible value for money and it won’t break the bank. Why not ask for a quote? There’s no obligation and we won’t sulk if you say ‘no’!

  • It is the space that you ‘rent’ which houses your web files and allows users to access your site and the information contained on it. Web hosting is required in order to get your website online.

  • Go ahead. Once you’ve sorted your domain out, we can take things from there. But if you need help, feel free to ask.

  • WordPress is free to use. We charge you for design and development services but once your site is finished, you don’t have to pay any ongoing costs for using the platform itself.